Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi Im Emeline.people can write to me about questions they may have . All Questions are to Be Annonymous and all information u send to me will be kept confedential. This Blogg is for recreational puposes only . I will Get Back to every question i receive as soon as possible.


  1. Dear Emeline, I'm a 7 year old simese cat, very well bread and is house broken the problem is my owner won't let me eat whiskis cat food all my friends have it they say ts excellent and very good for ya. I'm an outcast at the office nobody let's me drink from the water cooler all because I'm an Iams cat! I'm sick of all this! I need to find some kind of hope to help me travel this road we call life!
    ~ purrrrrfect outcast

  2. Dear LoveBugg Its Ok That ur an iams cat thats means ur different. Maybe u should be a leader not a follower ! setting a new trend is always something good to start because change is good .

  3. Dear Emeline,

    I Love Belly Rubs. Its Taking Over My Life.
    My Last GirlFriend Dumped Me Because Of My Belly Rub Obsession. I Asked For One While Walking In The Park Yesterday. Help Me!!

  4. getting over a habit is hard u just take it easy and think of ways to block the obessesion maybe get obessed with something a little less dramatic like chewing gum